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Modern indoor spa will instead of traditional indoor spa in the future, more functions but better enjoyment

Home / Bath Tub Jacuzzi / SPAJ208-83

Model : SPAJ200-661
Size : 2000X2000X800mm
Seating Capacity : 5 Person

Standard Features​

  1. Hot tub: 1PC

  2. Head rest: 3PC

  3. Steel frame: 1PC

  4. Air jets: 12PC

  5. Water jets: Total hydro therapy Jets57 PCS
    2.2"point-blank water jets 21pc 
    2.2"Rotary hydro therapy jets 7pc
    2.5"Rotary hydro therapy jets 11pc
    3.5"Rotary hydro therapy jets 2pc 
    3.5"point-blank hydro therapy jets 6pc 
    4.5"Rotary hydro therapy jets 3pc 
    4.5"point-blank hydro therapy jets 5pc
    5"point-blank hydro therapy jets 1pc 
    5"Rotary hydro therapy jets 1pc

  6. Waterfall: 1PCS(Seven kinds of color)

  7. Waterfall valve: 1PC(Seven kinds of color)

  8. LED light: 1PC(Seven kinds of color)

  9. Drain valve: 1PC

  10. Intake valve: 3PCS

  11. Hydro massage pump 3HP: 1PC

  12. Hydro massage pump 2HP: 1PC

  13. Circulation pump 0.35HP: 1PC

  14. Air blower 0.7kW: 1PC

  15. Ozonator: 1PC

  16. Heater 3KW: 1PC

  17. Control: 1PC

  18. Cartridge Filter: 1PC

  19. Diverter Valves: 1 x 2" Comfort Diverter Valves(Seven kinds of color)

  20. Air Control Valves: 4 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi(Seven kinds of color)

  21. Wooden cabinet: 1PC

  22. Aromatherapy: 1PC(Seven kinds of color)

  23. Insulation: 1PC

  24. heavy duty spa cover: 1PC

  25. Safety Check Valve: 1PC

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