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About Us

Bathworld is your go-to solution for all your bathroom needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best products and services to transform bathroom into a luxurious oasis. From bathroom fixtures to complete renovations, we have everything you need to create the of your dreams. Trust Bathworld to deliver exceptional quality and service every time.

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Our Story

Established in year 2001, Elab Co Ltd is an independent family owned business situated at Coromandel, Mauritius which was previously operated under the name of Labotech 

Co Ltd in year 1997 at Petite- Riviere. It was a manufacturing company producing only brass fittings, before becoming a wholesaler in Bathroom Sanitary Wares & Faucets, recently completing the whole Bathroom with Tiles.
Elab Co. Ltd started its very first imports with a consignment of one pallet of Bottle Traps from SAS, France. After becoming a favorite in the plumbing section, the company started working with the international Eczacıbaşı group (VitrA). Vitra the well know brand in producing glossy finish sanitary wares & faucets.
Till 2005, the young, dynamic & professional company has been gathering all the world class European brands under one roof for your dream bathroom and also got itself ISO 9001:2000 certified registered in the year 2007.
In 2008, the firm introduced a new company named BathWorld.

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From Labotech to ELAB Co. Ltd and further expanding to BathWorld Company the journey of this firm had been onerous.
Elab Co. Ltd started its very first imports with a consignment of one pallet of Bottle Traps from SAS, France. It was quite tough to enter the competitive market of Mauritius but Elab managed to step in. This company (SAS) has now been switched to Nicoll having regular exports to Elab, and it has also become quite a favorite in the plumbing section.
The company had now cemented a good reputation in the Mauritian plumbing sector, time had reached to grow up to the main sanitary ware products. The beginning of VitrA products from Turkey then started with an order for a private bungalow also to DIY Stores. Elab Co Ltd had now entered in the Eczacıbaşı group (VitrA). Meanwhile Elab was also preparing itself to a new level of status through importing some new and unique products to Mauritius at that time. Those first imported unique products were colored sinks from Stratinor – France and stainless steel shower panels with led lights from Ottofond –France. The company has received a positive approach for its steps, and has archived several projects around the small island.
Following requests from the local repudiated market the company grew its brand ownership to many more Europeans brands such as –

  • VitrA – Sanitary wares, Faucets & Bathroom Accessories, VitrA Tiles, Shower cubicles, etc.

  • Jaquar – Sanitary wares, Bath tubs, Shower cubicles, Bathroom cabinets, Faucets & Bathroom Accessories, etc.

  • Nicoll – Floor Drains & Traps, Floor channels in PVC, Sanitary Fittings, Wastes, Taps, Float valves, WC mechanism, Angle valves, etc.

  • Pellet - Specialist in disable bathroom items – Stainless steel WC, Basin, Urinals, etc.   

  • Rossignol – Specialist in all types of bins (Indoor & Outdoor), Bathroom equipment for public/Residential 

  • Jimten - Floor Drains (Horizontal/Vertical), Floor Channels in steel, Rainwater gully, Sanitary Macerators…

  • Presto   - Timed flow control Tap, Flushers, showers, & many                              

  • Luisina - Kitchen sinks in variety of colors& in Stainless Steel…              

  • Delabie - Professional taps, Electronic taps, Pre-Rinse sprays, Sensor Tap & Flushers & etc.

  • CelikBanyo- Bathrooms accessories, Cabinets, Mirrors &etc.   

  • Limatec - Floor Drain, Floor Channel in Stainless Steel

  • Vaal & Libra – Bath tubs and sanitary wares

Till 2005, the young, dynamic & professional company had been gathering all the world class quality brands under one roof for your dream bathroom and also got itself ISO 9001:2000 certified registered in the year 2007.And now the baby was fully grown up to give birth to her sister company - BathWorld Company Ltd in year 2008. BathWorld is a very potential company which was open heartedly welcomed by the Mauritian customers, while achieving a known name for its service and products. Over the year's innovation, commitment and performance the company had, now stepped into the medical stream, dealing with both hospital & clinic in the public & private sector.
In year 2009, Elab group forayed in furniture line importing form South Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia under the company 'In &Out Furniture'. Continuously growing wider day by day, the firm started working with Jaquar in year 2011 from India. Jaquar is an undisputed market leader in the bath fittings category around the world and has a 60% control over the Indian market. Jaquar faucets are of highest quality standards and aesthetics with a superb blend of ergonomic shapes, contemporary styles and meticulous finish, one experience stunning, stylish and state-of-the-art contemporary designs across the coordinated range of products.
Elab is selling all its products into different sectors of the island such as: Hardware shops, Hotels, Mauritius Airport, Banks, Schools, Commercial Buildings,  Contactors / Construction companies, Private & Government Sectors, Individual projects (IRS & ERS projects), and many more to mention. The firm has been working hard to specialize in bathroom products & Fittings while diversifying into many bath verticals like sanitary ware, shower panels, whirlpool, spa, showers, floor drain, sanitary macerators and concealed cisterns with a wide range of faucets for both commercial and residential uses.
VitrA is the main supplier of Elab and to your surprise; VitrA has 15 manufacturing factories spread out over the Europe supplying up to 36 million square meters of ceramic and wall tiles around the world. In this small island, Elab once again introduced one more of VitrA’s novelties:  4D Tiles... These tiles are designed to create a perception of 4th dimension with the feeling of time and motion, and they are capable of re-interpreting spaces, with the wavy form and honeycomb texture that complete the fluid appearance.
Now being the one stop shop for all your Bathing Solution at an affordable price with luxurious goods, our only aim is to give an excellent satisfying service to all our customers with guaranteed reliability.

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